Exchange Solutions

Exchange Solutions

Deutsche Börse is one of the world's most sophisticated exchange operators and provider of IT solutions for cash, commodities, digital assets and derivatives market operators. As the technology provider and operator of major European financial markets we are setting industry standards and offering know-how along the whole capital market value chain:

Deutsche Börse provides a full range of outsourcing services to exchange organizations, multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) or companies intending to establish off-exchange trading systems.

Our cooperation partners benefit from a dedicated infrastructure including scalable high-performance backend hosting and network infrastructure with a full range of connectivity options for your customers. Moreover, you can benefit from a full scope service as we execute the operation for you.

Our high-quality products and services solutions transport well-founded expertise of powering and operating markets to a number of venues worldwide. As of today, more than 25 exchanges and marketplaces utilize Deutsche Börse Technology and outsource operation services to us. The reason is quite obvious, we provide our customers with quality, flexibility and efficiency through the utilization of state-of-the-art trading infrastructure services. 

Our team guides you smoothly through the complete service implementation process and ensures that your business starts on time and within the planned budget.

Our customers speak for our extremely high-quality standards.

We are happy to discuss and tailor your solution. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Below is a list of customer satisfaction related to our outsourcing solutions:

  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Sofia
  • Malta Stock Exchange, Valletta
  • Wiener Börse AG, Vienna
  • Prague Stock Exchange1
  • Budapest Stock Exchange1
  • Ljubljana Stock Exchange1
  • Zagreb Stock Exchange1

1 via Wiener Börse AG as a service provider

Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Sofia


Zagreb Stock Exchange


Wiener Börse AG, Vienna


Budapest Stock Exchange1

1 via Wiener Börse AG as a service provider

Malta Stock Exchange, Valetta


Praque Stock Exchange1


Ljubljana Stock Exchange1

Bulgarian Stock Exchange 

“Since the launch of Deutsche Börse fully electronic trading platform Xetra on BSE in June 2008, it has been enhanced on an ongoing basis to meet the requirements of the trading world by setting standards with respect to performance, reliability, transparency and efficiency. With the migration to the T7 trading platform in 2019, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange received one of the world’s most powerful and truly common state-of the-art platforms for the trading of securities, entailing a range of benefits. Cutting-edge technology delivers ultra-low latency, robustness and safe handling of very high throughput. T7 system hosting in Frankfurt is a reliable and low-risk solution, with a low-profile footprint on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and customer side.”

Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Bulgarian Stock Exchange 

Wiener Börse 

“Maximum efficiency and availability as well as the highest level of security are essential for exchange trading technology. T7 meets all those requirements. Utmost flexibility in connectivity options contributed to the establishment of Wiener Börse Group’s markets Prague and Vienna as trading venues for market participants from all over the world. Moreover, T7 is the basis of our trading system services for three additional exchanges: Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb Stock Exchange. We highly appreciate Deutsche Börse as strong and reliable partner.” 

Christoph Boschan, Chief Executive Officer, Wiener Börse AG

Malta Stock Exchange 

“Deutsche Börse stands for high-performance capital market technologies. By migrating to T7, our trading participants benefit from a sustainable and reliable system that has proven itself internationally in numerous markets. We offer our customers access to a significantly larger network of international market participants.” 

Simon Zammit, Chief Executive Officer, Malta Stock Exchange 

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