T7 Production and Simulation: Migration on new T7 GUI Download Servers and Landing Pages

Release date: 23 Feb 2022

009/2022 T7 Production and Simulation: Migration on new T7 GUI Download Servers and Landing PagesXetra Circular 009/22

1.   Introduction

The T7 GUI Landing Pages used to launch the T7 Admin-, Trader-, and Clearer GUI will be migrated to new servers, as of 23 February 2022. This affects both the Landing Pages and servers for the Xetra trading venue and the Börse Frankfurt trading venue. Together with the migration, there will be minor technical changes and improvements, which are outlined in this circular. The main technical concept for starting T7 GUIs remains unchanged.

All users of the current T7 GUI Landing Pages will need to update their bookmarks and/or direct links to the T7 GUIs in their web browsers. T7 GUI users with strict firewall rules are requested to verify access to the new servers and amend their firewall rules if needed.

All T7 GUI Landing Pages for T7 Production, T7 Simulation and T7 Disaster Recovery are affected by this change, regardless of access via Internet or via Leased Lines. The previous T7 GUI landing pages will remain in parallel for a transition period to give all participants sufficient time for the migration before the existing servers will be decommissioned in summer 2022.

The new T7 GUI Landing Pages feature a number of technical improvements as well as enhancements in form and content. You will find a full overview of all changes in point 3. Details.


23 February 2022

The new T7 GUI Landing Pages are available as of today. The previous T7 GUI Landing Pages remain fully available. An information text in the previous pages will link to the new pages.

2 May 2022

The addresses (URLs) of the previous T7 GUI Landing Pages will automatically forward to the new T7 GUI Landing Pages.

6 June 2022


The addresses (URLs) and servers of the previous T7 GUI Landing Pages will be decommissioned and are no longer available.

This change affects all users of the T7 GUIs, in each market and trading venue, accessing the T7 GUIs via Internet and via Leased Line in any environment (Simulation, Production, and Disaster Recovery).

Production start: 23 February 2022

2.    Required action

All users of the T7 GUI Landing Pages will need to perform the following steps prior to 2 May 2022:

  • T7 GUI users accessing the T7 GUI Landing Pages via bookmarks in their web browser will need to update these bookmarks to the new T7 GUI Landing Pages.
  • T7 GUI users accessing the T7 GUI Landing Pages or T7 GUIs via direct links on their desktop will need to update these direct links to point to the new addresses.
  • Participants with strict firewall rules (e.g. based on individual IP addresses) must establish rules for accessing the new servers.

The “look and feel” of each T7 GUI Landing Page remains unchanged and the technical mechanism for starting the T7 GUIs from the Landing Pages (Java WebStart) remains the same.

3.   Details of the initiative

The new T7 GUI Landing Pages feature these improvements:

  • Separation of Simulation and Production pages and links,
  • Additional menu for easy switching between environments (Simulation, Production, Disaster Recovery),
  • Consistent use of https instead of http, thereby ensuring encrypted transmission and secure server identification by use of server certificates for access to the pages and the download of the T7 GUIs,
  • General use of „Fully Qualified Domain Names“ (aka „FQDN“) instead of IP addresses to reference resources
  • Consistent URL syntax across all markets and environments.

The new T7 GUI Landing Pages for Xetra (XETR) can be accessed via the following URLs:

New T7 GUI Landing Pages, Xetra


Leased Line







Disaster Recovery



The new T7 GUI Landing Pages for Börse Frankfurt (XFRA) can be accessed via the following URLs:

Neu T7 GUI Landing Pages, Börse Frankfurt


Leased Line







Disaster Recovery



In the upper left corner of each T7 GUI Landing Page you will find the already known selection menu for easy switching to other markets:

A new menu in the upper right corner additionally allows convenient switching between environments (Production, Simulation, Disaster Recovery):

The table below lists the IP addresses of the new servers in case they need to be added to firewall rules.

Next to each IP address is the registered FQDN which can be resolved at public DNS servers. Alternatively, these can be added to local name resolutions (i.e. by local DNS servers or host files).

Please note: The new servers will also be used by the “T7 GUI Launcher”. The “T7 GUI Launcher” will refer to these new servers automatically from 2 May 2022 onwards. 

The IP addresses of the new servers for the cash markets (Xetra, Börse Frankfurt, Bulgarian SE, Malta SE, Vienna SE, Budapest SE, Ljubljana SE, Prague SE, and Zagreb SE) are shown in the table below:

Cash Markets T7 GUI Page Landing Pages, Server IP Addresses


Leased Line

Production t7gui.production.xetra.com t7gui.production.vpn.xetra.com

Simulation t7gui.simulation.xetra.com t7gui.simulation.vpn.xetra.com

Disaster Recovery t7gui.emergency.xetra.com t7gui.emergency.vpn.xetra.com

Please verify and ensure access to the new T7 GUI Landing Pages by 2 May 2022 at the latest.

A complete overview of the URLs of all new T7 GUI Landing Pages can be found in the N7 Network Access Guide, available on the Xetra website www.xetra.com under the following path:

Technology > T7 trading architecture > System documentation > Release 10.0 > Network Access

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