Designated Sponsors


Shares in one of the selection indices of Deutsche Börse must be continuously tradable. The underlying criterion is the liquidity of the security. On the electronic Xetra® trading platform, Designated Sponsors secure higher liquidity by quoting binding prices for buying and selling the shares. The probability that placed orders are executed increases considerably. Based on the principle ”liquidity attracts liquidity“, actively supported shares are more popular with investors.

For trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse offers the specialist trading model to small and medium-sized companies.

Contact Person
Dagmar Wojcik
E-Mail: dagmar.wojcik@deutsche-boerse.com
Telephone: +49 (0)69 2 11-1 36 45

Target Group
Issuers whose shares are traded on Xetra


  • Raising liquidity
  • Support in Investor Relations, research and disclosure requirements

Individual agreement between issuer and Designated Sponsor

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